2016 Schools Programme

It’s nearly Easter and Friends of Young Carers (West Berkshire) are wasting no time in getting on with their Schools Presentation Programme for 2016.

Last year we visited a couple of local schools to give a talk to the children during their assembly time. The reaction we had from these visits was a real eye opener and confirmed to us first hand that children are really keen to help other children, particularly if these children are managing a life which involves caring for others. We talked to teachers, parents and health care professionals and came up with the idea that we will try to visit as many Primary schools as we possibly can in West Berkshire in 2016.

We have identified 58 Primary schools that are suitable for us to visit and each school has received a letter from FOYC (WeBs) asking if they would like us to come into an assembly to do a twenty minute presentation. The response has been overwhelming and we will try and accommodate every school that has requested a visit, before the end of the year.

We show a short clip from ‘My Untidy Life’ which was the play that the Young Carers put on back in 2014 in partnership with the Watermill Theatre. Then it’s our PowerPoint presentation where we can interact with the children and finally we talk about ‘Sidney’ our mascot owl and we leave one knitted in the school colours for the Staff Room as a reminder of our visit.


Last Friday, Barbara and I visited Birch Copse Primary School in Tilehurst and 419 children watched our presentation and we talked to some of the children afterwards. One of the older children asked, ‘How can I help someone if they are a Young Carer’? This made us feel so privileged and moved and has reinforced our determination to make a real difference with our Schools Programme.


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