Young Carers in their new hoodies.

Young Carers in their new hoodies.

Here are some of our Young Carers sporting their brand new hoodies complete with ‘Sidney’ logo. The Young Carers Project in Newbury took delivery of 100 hoodies in various sizes which will now be distributed to all Young Carers who are registered within West Berkshire. With this number it means that we can keep a stock of sizes ready to hand over to any Young Carer who registers with Rhys and his team at the Young Carers Project in Donnington, Newbury.

The children themselves specifically asked for these items of clothing, something that will make them feel a sense of belonging, that they matter, and that they are united in their common caring  roles. They will be proudly wearing their hoodies to the Young Cares Festival 2014 and we hope you agree, they look very ‘cool’ indeed!

We would like to give huge thanks to Greenham Common Trust for their generous donation of £1000 towards the cost of these hoodies.

Dear, Friends of West Berkshire Young Carers,

This is a letter to thank you for the hooded jumpers that you kindly got for us, we will all be wearing them at the Young Carers Festival! Great colour choice, by the way. 

We are all very grateful for all of the funding you have been doing for us and we hope to see you in person again sometime soon.

Wishing you all a lovely summer,

West Berkshire Young Carers




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