It’s been a while since we posted on our website and we are excited to share some recent photos and comments from the Young Carers festival which took place in June this year. As always the Young Carers had a tremendous time and as the comments below show, they really do enjoy this annual get together.

Dear Friends of Young Carers,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity year on year to attend the Young Carers festival. This really is something we look forward to all year round and we always make so many new friends and memories.

Quotes from the weekend:

I do not normally get to go on a holiday so the festival is my holiday’.

Riley – ‘I really enjoyed the paddle boarding, it was fun racing other people’.

Oliver – ‘I managed to build a crate stack up to 11 levels; this was 3 more than last year’.

Takara – ‘Me and Joe raced up the climbing wall, he just beat me this year but next year I will win!’

Spencer – ‘I loved the caving and it was quite dark and scary, I thought I got stuck at one point, but managed to get out’.

Kane – ‘It enjoyed getting dressed up to go to the silent disco, it was funny seeing everyone singing and dancing to different songs’.

‘It was nice camping with Basingstoke Young Carers and having hot chocolate as a group before bed’.

‘Some of the girls made friends with Birmingham Young Carers and miraculously picked up the brummy accent within the space of an hour. Joe got in trouble with the girls if he brought this up though!’

Well done and a huge thank you to everyone who got involved and made this such a special time.






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