Hello to all our readers,

What a lovely time the trustees had on Sunday when we were invited to Welford Park to have a Charity Stand at one of their busiest Snowdrop Days.

We met so many lovely members of the public who were interested in how we help Young Carers in West Berkshire, spent time choosing the right Owl to take home and contributed to our fundraising total for the day of 158.70.

Welford Park also donated a hamper full of little prizes for the children, although, the Maltesers were definitely the favourite.

snowdrops-1                                snowdrops-2

The snowdrops were an absolute show and the cakes in the tea room were pretty good too!!

A big thank you to Mrs Puxley of Welford Park for welcoming us to their beautiful grounds.

The photograph of Anna our Secretary at our stand was just as the first visitors were arriving and by 3pm there was not a single Sidney left!!img_2212





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