Making life easier

Now and again we would like to share with you some of the individual help that we give to our Young Carers in West Berkshire.

A Young Carer will understand how this could make a huge difference to their day to day caring role. Most children will not understand this at all.

It’s not easy for Young Carers to ask for help. We are so glad that Chloe (age 12) had the courage to tell us  her story.

We have changed the name to protect the identity of the Young Carer but the words are lifted straight from the letter attached to the application we received.

“Me, ,my younger sister (age 11) and brother (age 9) all help look after our Mum. She has ME and Fibromyalgia and she broke her spine a few years ago, so she is always in pain. She has to sleep a lot and if she does too much she gets dizzy and can pass out. If she has passed out, one of us will stay with her and we get a drink and feed her with a straw. We help a lot around the house and do the jobs Mum cant do. We often cook dinner ourselves or help Mummy cook and do some housework. There are no other adults close by to help our family. So we all help each other as much as we can. I often help my brother and sister with their homework if they’re struggling”.

This is the help that Chloe sought from Friends of Young Carers (West Berkshire):

At home our Freezer is broken and we need a new one. If we had a tall freezer it would mean that when Mummy is well we ca help make lots of dinners and freeze them, then if se is sick we can just defrost a dinner rather than figure out what too cook ourselves. We can also fill it up with lots of easy to cook foods, which will be easier for us and my Mum. We also don’t have a hoover, at the moment as ours is broke. We have to sweep the floor instead. Its hard as it doesn’t pick up as well as a hoover would. We really need a hoover that is really light for us to use as Mum finds hovering painful, because of her back, so we need a light weight as we need to carry it upstairs.

I looked in the Argos book and the cheapest tall freezer is £229.99 (page 755, Number 11)

I didn’t really understand the hoover pages as there are too many different ones. It just needs to be as light as possible and good with carpets and hard floors”.


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