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Last Saturday we took all our ‘Sidney’ owls on an outing to Elstree Preparatory School Fete. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we were looking forward to meeting the boys and staff members. Little did we expect that just over an hour later we would have parted company with all 78 owls and made a whopping £273 for our Charity.

Even though we had knitted some Owls in the school colours, the children seemed to like the bold bright colours and it was great fun watching and helping them to choose their owls.

The stall was a follow on from a talk given in assembly to the children the day before. We were able to show a brief clip from the DVD ‘My Untidy Life’ and Elaine and Barbara were able to tell the children a little about the work we do for Young Carers in West Berkshire.

Incidentally, the headmaster is also called ‘Sidney’. No wonder there were giggles in assembly!!

It was a pleasure to meet the children and parents, and very heartwarming to see how touched the children had been by the talk and how willing they were to part with their hard earned pocket money in order to support us.

Owls Elstree fete

All set up and ready to fly!!

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