15th Annual Young Carers Festival – 2014

This years Young Carers Festival took place at the end of June and as you can see from the photos, much fun was had by all. This annual event gives Young Carers from all over the country a chance to get together and try out lots of new and exciting activities. Here you can have a look at the photos and read an account of what they got up to in Southampton!


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Today we got to the festival! Good vibe as always! Once we all got situated and such some of us took the newcomers on a little tour around the YMCA. We all got our festival t-shirts. It wasn’t long before dinner, where we all met back up and discussed this years set-up, made sure everybody had got off to a good start. Later we went to the opening ceremony, there was an act of drummers that put paint on their drums so the paint went everywhere, there was a sing along to Let it Go by Idina Menzel, Tiff lived for that, we did a rhythm with some boomwhackers, which was pretty cool. Then music played and everybody was dancing.


Pretty great day today! The weather has been wet but there was a spell this afternoon when it was hot. Everybody slept well, we had breakfast and then Kaitlan, Mason and I went to the leaders’ meeting, just some memos from the hosts, drink plenty of water, etc. For the majority of the day everybody went about in groups, kayaking, assault courses, fairground rides. We met at lunch back at camp, some of us stayed and hung out for a bit, we noticed BBC South interviewing people, so Katie went over and asked if they wanted to film us? They did, just for the small clip about the festival for the news. There was a big party that night, always a lot of fun, and the fireworks display is always brilliant.


Today it was hot! We had a cooked breakfast and a lot of us were tired, so after we packed up the tents and our belongings, we just hung out by the minibus and the café until our coach was here to collect us to go home.


Jordan Age 15



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